Monday, July 20, 2009

Short update on our house

Well, the home inspection could have gone worse, but it also could have gone better. Being first-time home buyers is pretty stressful.

The inspector said the roof needs to be replaced ASAP. Our agent is currently trying to reach the seller's agent about whether or not it can be worked into the sale price and paid for before the appraisal even happens. We haven't heard anything yet though.

So we're just trying to hang in there and see how it goes. I'm glad we have a really nice agent though. She seems to really be on our side and more interested in us than just her commission from the seller.

I'm already ready to get in there and start cleaning and fixing things up and making it ready to be our home!


  1. good luck- not going to lie your stress level will increase even more before all is said and done. I suggest ice cream and chocolate :)

  2. When we bought our first house, we had to let our first choice go (and lose the $ for that inspection, of course) b/c the seller would NOT budge on the roof. We got an estimate of 45,000 and one for closer to 8,000...they wouldn't take any money off or pay for the roof. We had to let it go and I am happy to say, it worked out in the end, as the house we ended up with, while it too needed work, it's a much better house.
    Hang in there, buying a house is NEVER easy, from what I can tell, but the end result is magical.

  3. My Mom knits for fun, creative outlet, and stress relief (and of course, some cute stuff for her grandkids! :>). If it give you the same meditative results, I would recommend you keep on knitting your really cute creations!!! There is so much to learn and understand when you are buying a house for the first time. I wish you the absolute best of luck and hopefully a happy home that you can love and enjoy....without breaking the bank (or the roof), of course!!! Good luck!! :>