Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Making a cheap lightbox

I've been working on setting up a little light box so that I can take pictures of my items even when the sun isn't out. It's been a little harder than I thought to get the lighting right but I think it's starting to work out. Here are a couple shots done with my new light box -

It's been working pretty well for the angled shots of my iPod cozies. Taking photos of the cup cozies and of the overhead, full shot of the iPod cozies has been trickier. Here are a couple examples -

I'll keep working on it though. Getting an energy efficient daylight bulb and a shop light (like suggested in this article) really helped. Trying to do it with normal desk lamps just wasn't working for me. I created the light box out of an older box and tissue paper (like suggested in this article).

Anyone else have a homemade light box? Any tips for me? :)


  1. They look great! Whatever you're doing is working~ Thanks for the article with instructions. I'll try it out as soon as I can figure out how to keep my 2-yr-old away from the fragile tissue paper! I can just see her using this as her fort lol..

  2. I think once you get the right bulb to resemble daylight, then it's just down to experimenting with angles and camera settings. Then, when you get it just right, remember exactly what you did for next time!! :)

  3. Do you have the bulb in front of the lightbox? Perhaps one on either side to soften the shadows a bit...

    SewSweetStitches, I cut up a white plastic grocery bag and used that for my sides because I was tearing the tissue paper all the time. =)