Monday, February 2, 2009

A sample of bath and beauty products

Hello and welcome to my second weekly themed post with some of my favorite items from Etsy! Today I'm sharing some of my favorite bath and beauty products. Please comment with your thoughts on these or suggestions of your own!

As always, click the picture to be taken directly to the listing -

Gorgeous, alluring soap from HeathensHearth with the scent of sandalwood.

A great shaving soap from DesertSoapStone. You choose from a long list of enticing scents! I have a sample of the Oatmeal Milk and Honey.

Not only was this soap from TheBeerSoapCompany made with beer, it was made with Newcastle Brown, one of the best beers around!!

Pretty Neopolitan soapsicle from AnniePoo. Looks good enough to eat but don't!

A set of tinted lip balms from LeastLikely2Breed. You should check out her hilarious (and mature) body balms as well!

Pretty and frilly heart-shaped soaps made with chocolate (yes! chocolate) from TheChocolateBath.

A cute set of six, mini heart-shaped soaps from BubblesNSuds. The edges make me think of Reeses' Peanut Butter cups! :P

Lovely lip balm from DesertSoapStone. You pick your own flavor from Lemongrass, Rosemary Mint, Spearmint, Lavender, and Ginger. I have it in Lemongrass.

A luscious, honey lip balm from HeathensHearth.


  1. All of these soaps are beautiful! I especially love the one from HeathensHearth!

  2. Very beautiful soaps! A great selection!

  3. wonderful picks!! I got introduced to handmade soap by someone on etsy - who has become a friend. I love it!!

  4. Thank you for featuring our soap and lip balm!!!

    I am in love with my new phone cozy, by the way ;-)