Sunday, January 25, 2009

Go Team Buttons!

I have always found buttons quite beautiful but have lately actually let myself buy them! It's been really fun using buttons in my work, especially the decorative ones on my coffee cup cozies.

I am especially in love with BIG buttons. I have made some great finds - a mixture of vintage and modern buttons. So I thought I'd share some!

Buttons are also one of my favorite things to search for on etsy. I love all the variety you can find and the lovely way people photograph them. Here are some of my recent favorites on etsy - you can click the pic to be taken directly to the listing! :)

Gorgeous, antique buttons made from tagua nut listed by LillianOlive

Bright and lovely vintage buttons from LillianOlive

Yummy set of buttons from BigFish
that is charmingly named Cream Tea

Do you like buttons too? Please share some of your favorite places to buy/find buttons!


  1. Buttons are so much fun! I'm happy to be your first follower :)

  2. Great buttons! I was actually looking for some today to use on a card...I used some spare ones I had from a sweater. lol

  3. Hello!! Nice blog! I love the nut buttons.

  4. I adore buttons as well. I make rings out of buttons, actually.

  5. That organizer full of buttons is like the twin to mine! Love buttons

  6. I've gotten some bags of them at the thrift store before at a good price. I love buttons!

  7. OH wow. There is a tiny, jam-packed antique and vintage button shop here in NYC in the East Village which is fantabulous. If I can get the name I will come back and post it.
    (saw you in the Promo forums on Etsy!)

  8. sMac - please don't tease me! I'm hours away from NYC. :P

    Janet - thanks! good tip

    GPD - Hehe! The organizer is fun, isn't it?

    Shannon - I'll have to check out your button rings!

    Audrey - They are great, aren't they? I think I'll have to buy them soon.

    Steph - Very resourceful! :P

    Belua - Yay! Thanks! :)

  9. Thanks for dropping in! I'm a vintage button collector! I use some in my bracelets, but others I just have to keep :) They are my inspiration!

  10. lots of inspiration in those pictures! thanks- I needed that this morning!

  11. I love buttons, too! I need to put them to use more on my cards and projects. I forget about them, but when I see them, I really like how they look! =D


  12. I just love buttons and all the things you can do with them!