Friday, July 17, 2009

Some lovely knitted wraps and shrugs on Etsy!

I'm very much an end-product knitter instead of a process knitter - I'm happier with a finished piece than while I'm actually knitting. So I really admire knitters who made big, lovely pieces. Lots of patience and effort there!

I've picked out some lovely wraps/shrugs on Etsy to share with you. These are clearly well made, and I love the color choices and style. Do you have any favorite knitted clothing items on Etsy?

As always, click the picture to be taken directly to the item's page. :)

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Show-stopping Rococo shawl from TickledPinkKnits

Pale pink wrap with pin from Tamily

City Chic shrug from moocowhandknits

Mohair capelet from Italian Etsian Silvia66

Green shrug from tijusai


  1. That shawl by 'tinkled pink' must have taken forever to complete, impressive! Lovely picks thanks for sharing:)


  2. Ok, that yellow one is really pretty.


  3. Great picks , I love the 'City Chic shrug' from moocowhandknits .

  4. I just used one of the Rococo shawls in my blog too! Aren't they incredible??

  5. You've got great taste. Beautiful work by some very talented artists.