Friday, July 10, 2009

Scary car noises!

Our car has been making scary noises lately. It's certainly getting on in years and miles (over 11 years and 120,000 miles!) so I suppose it's no surprise. I'll be sad if we can't fix it properly, and not just for financial reasons. It was actually my parents' car for almost a decade and they very generously gave it to us when we moved to Michigan from England last year.

Thankfully, my dad knows some guys at a shop who do good work and only charge us for parts and sometimes minimal labor. The flip side of it though is that we have to book it out there EARLY tomorrow, which involves getting up at like 5:30 AM! Eek! That is too early for Saturday, but if they can fix the car, it will be worth it in the end.

And of course it's the perfect excuse for a Starbucks stop! I'm thinking iced coffee with milk and a muffin - that'll be nice get-out-of-bed motivation.

So that's what my Saturday's going to look like - how about yours?

EDIT - Well, it wasn't too bad! Took a few hundred to fix (something with the brake system) and it should all be okay now... until something else happens! ;)


  1. Unfortunately, my job has my internal clock set for 4:30am (I WORK at a coffee shop, so mornings are always early). But on my days off, I use that time to catch up on emails and blogs and stuff. Today looks like another beautiful one, so we'll play it by ear. No real chores planned!
    Good luck with the car. Hope it's nothing serious...some cars just run forever!

  2. I'm actually at work today..ugh! Hope your car troubles aren't too bad and they're able to fix it! Enjoy your coffee :)

  3. Make sure not to drive it too much if you don't know what the noises are! My sister and I just had a scary car incident... it randomly made very loud sounds on the free way and then just DIED the other day and we had to quickly pull to the shoulder and wait for help. It was really scary, my dad said it might be the transmission but the car is really old so we're just getting rid of it. Anyways I wouldn't want that to happen to anyone else it was really scary!!
    You know it's 11 am and I still don't know what my Saturday's gonna look like!