Sunday, July 5, 2009

Front page excitement and some new goals

Today has been quite an exciting day for my Etsy shop! First, I discovered my new yellow iPod cozy is featured as the first item in a gift guide - you can check it out by clicking here. And then my new dark brown cup cozy hit the front page for a little while! The extra views and hearts are real nice boost.

I've made up some new goals for my shop for the next two weeks. First, I am going to list two new cozies a day every day. Second, I'm going to post a new blog post once every other day. And third, I'm going to focus more on replying to tweets and commenting on the blogs I follow.

Have you ever tried setting goals for your Etsy shop or other business? Does anyone want to try to reach some similar goals with me? I'm hoping the extra effort will help during this slow sales time. What do you think? :)


  1. goals are a great idea! and thats so awesome you have had all this wonderful promotion through gift guides etc. you go girlfriend! keep up the good and hard work

  2. Congrats on your front page appearance! Of course you deserve it since your stuff is SO CUTE!