Saturday, May 16, 2009

Working on some new cozy styles and a special sale

I've been brainstorming a bit today and trying to figure out some new cozy styles for my shop. I'm thinking about adding both ice cream pint cozies and mug cozies - they seem fun to make and useful! But it's such a shame I'll have to buy a pint of ice cream for research. :P I've also been thinking about making soap savers, but it seems like cotton might get germy and weird too quickly in the shower.

I'm definitely going to start with some new coffee cup cozy styles. The first one, which is easy enough, is my normal ribbed cozy turned inside out! (Pictured above) Hehe! I am clever :P I think I'll try some with moss seed stitch, like in my DS cozies, and maybe incorporate some ribbon.

Any thoughts on new cozy styles? What would you like to see? Don't forget I love to take custom orders!

Be on the lookout for my special Memorial Day weekend sale! It's going to involve a free cup cozy if you spend a certain amount. Details soon.

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  1. Love the inverted cup cosy!!!!! And with ribbon or buttons or some sort of mini corsage.... oh yes!

  2. Thanks for the nice comment! I just added a little ribbon to the pink cozy - I hope to list in my shop tomorrow :)

  3. This is the second blog in a row to mention coffee for me...mine isn't done brewing. Your to go cup cozies are darling!

  4. I love your cozies!! I have always wished you would have coffee cup cozies (as I drink from a regular coffee cup rather than a throw away most days), so I would love to see those happen :-)


  5. I love the idea of a coffee cup cozy...I would definitely get some use out of that!

    As for the soap saver...I use one and love it...I just toss it in the washer after ever bar...haven't had any issues yet :)

  6. Bluebird - Oh dear! I didn't mean to make the coffee-need too urgent for you! Hehe! :P

    Jen - Thanks! The mug cozy I made looks cute but I'm finding it kind of slips down on curved mugs. Might have to come up with something clever to keep that from happening.

    Misty - Thanks for your comment! That's good to know about your soap saver - I think I'll try it out. I'll just make sure to include a loop for hanging so that it dries out more easily.

  7. It's funny you should mention that you are thinking of introducing mug cozies because while I was browsing your shop I was thinking that mug cozies would be a great addition plus my mug can get a little too toasty in the morning. I'm wondering if you added elastic around the edge it would stay up better?