Saturday, May 9, 2009

Really lovely paper goods to check out!

I am a huge fan of paper stuff and lovely design, and I just had to share some of my favorite paper goods from Etsy sellers. Please take a look at their shops as well!

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EDIT - Just got permission from the lovely crankbunny to post her amazing secret decoder card. Please check it out!

A set of 15 bookplates from turtlepapers

Three mini-tag books from erinzam

A set of "Happy Birthday" cards from MichelleBrusegaard

"We've moved" cards from happygirlgreetings

Bookmark notebook personalized for you by spacedogstudios (I have two and I love them!)

"Tweet" calling cards from pasaiipaperie

Wedding invitations from GoldenHillDesign


  1. beautiful post onaroll! a fan of paper!hoorah!

  2. These are some great finds...I hope you told the sellers you featured their items!! I really like those bookmark notebooks...I also do a bit of bookbinding, and my pins use paper as well. Can't call them paper goods unfortunately...

  3. I love paper...always have! These are great specimens, too. Turtlepapers always has really nice stuff. The others I'll have to check out.

  4. LittleMonarch - Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it!

    AddictiveCreative - Thanks! I love looking at paper stuff on Etsy! I contact the sellers to ask for permission to use their photos before posting and then let them know the direct link once it's up. :)

    Jen - Yes, I was quite excited to find Turtlepapers' shop!

  5. The mini tag books and the 'we've moved' cards are my favs.

  6. Wonderful paper goods! I had seen and coveted that card from crankbunny before.