Friday, March 20, 2009

First Craft Show!

On Saturday, April 18th, I'll be doing my very first craft show! It's from 10AM to 6PM in East Lansing, MI at the E.L. Hannah Community Center in the Conference Center Room.

I'm pretty excited! The hubby is going to come be my helper, and there's going to be a great food vendor so I don't have to worry about going out to grab lunch.

I'm knitting up a storm trying to get enough items ready so that my table does not look silly. I'm aiming for 40 items or more. I'm going to need to brainstorm about cute display ideas too. The iPod cozies and the fingerless gloves will need cardboard insert because they look a little silly when they're all floppy. There should be WiFi access so I can probably use PayPal to take credit card payments.

Anyone want to share their craft shows experiences and/or tips? :)


  1. We'll be at that show too, and it's also our first. Look forward to meeting you! :o) Thanks for the comment.

  2. Good luck with your craft show!


  3. My dear hubby came as my helper too and he also brought his DS. I saw your hubby in your booth tinkering with his DS too and I thought that was funny. :)