Sunday, February 22, 2009

Upcoming week...

So this upcoming week sees the hubby traveling for work from Tuesday through late Friday. I am quite dreading it. I'll be staying with my parents for some of the time so I don't get all weird (I get so weird when I'm all alone :P ). The real bummer is that he needs to go on a day trip on the Saturday too, which is my birthday! And I also need to get in 40 solid hours of work for my day job. So an all around icky week.

I haven't thought of a new theme for Tuesday yet. And I'm also thinking I should really be contacting the etsy sellers up front first. I've read quite a bit of debate about it on the etsy forums. I was thinking it was okay since I always link to the item and the shop but I would hate to upset anyone by not asking first. Any thoughts?

EDITED 02/23 - I've decided it really is best to ask first and it's been going very smoothly so far! :)

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  1. Well I can't imagine why anyone wouldn't want free advertisement, but some people might have a problem with their images being posted on blogs and etc.

    Contacting them first just to make sure it is alright is a polite thing to do, I think, and then there's no risk of upsetting anyone.