Friday, February 27, 2009

Just one more night

I am missing my husband terribly. He's been away on business since early Tuesday and had spent most of the day and evening away on Monday and all of last week Friday and Saturday. It just seems so strange without him near. I've been staying at my parents' house, and it's really nice to have that option instead of being at the apartment all alone.

I have been hoping to find the focus and inspiration to make some new items soon, but it's been a bit frustrating. I did make a new iPod cozy today in a new color, but I'd love to find something totally new (or mostly new! :P) to make. I'm trying my hand at knitting a pullover cowl. I have a yarn I like but not quite sure about the design yet.

It's funny how different and yet still the same it feels to be in my old bedroom here. My mom did it all up when I moved out about five years ago. But the guest bed is in about the same place as my old bed, and when I close my eyes, the rain on the windows sounds the same as it always did before.

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