Tuesday, February 17, 2009

It's alive! Eeek!

I should probably get better organized before my etsy projects overrun the whole apartment! So far, it's only affecting the guest bedroom and the dining room table, but when the MIL makes the trip across the pond to visit next month, that's going to have to change. Eek!

If you're an etsy seller too, are you having the same overgrowth problem or do you have it all figured out? :)

P.S. The pic is a sneak preview of one of my new items!


  1. My stuff always migrates out of my office/studio into the living room. It's impossible to keep it contained :)

  2. Yes, I can imagine - especially during the great monster-making week-long event! :P

  3. Our stuff is all over the house, lol.